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Unique Calligraphy, Handlettering, and Illustration

Hi there, and welcome to my shop :) I'm Tania, the artist and owner of Bright Spot Papier & Art. I started this creative business in the Spring of 2016. It grew out of my own art therapy and has been a wonderful creative adventure since then.

As long as I can remember, I've loved colour and beautiful words. Both separately and in the same piece. I have wonderful notebooks that I've collected quotes in over time. Some of them date back 30 plus years!! I also have some treasured old quote books that belonged to my parents :) As a teenager, I had quotes on my bedroom wall, in my locker, on my school bag, on my binders, my pencil case, my homework book, you name it!! I painted my bedroom, and created my own stencil of a daisy and sponged it onto my wall. It was my happy place 😊 Now, it's my studio that is covered in colour and quotes!!

I've always considered myself to be a creative soul, it just wasn't what filled my days as an adult. In my last year of high school, I was thinking of the careers that I'd like to pursue. I'd taken art all through high school, and also math, physics, biology. I really thought I wanted to be an architect. Life took a very different turn though (ask me about it over coffee sometime), and I joined the Canadian military. Off I went to basic training and then four years of electrical engineering at the Royal Military College of Canada. Fast forward to 2013, and I'd completed twenty years of service!!

My creative side was not feeling completely nurtured all those years. I kept up my collecting of quotes, I kept knitting, I learned to crochet, I sketched, I painted, I collaged, I made gifts for friends and family. In my last year in the military, I started dreaming of opening an Etsy shop. I wasn't too sure what I would sell, I was just dying to be creative!

After I 'retired' from the military, and started a new project management job, I had a little bump in the road (a small understatement...I will simply say: be grateful for your health). I started delving into my art supplies and tooling around with quotes, lettering, art markers, paint and ink. It was meditative. In 2015, I went so far as to challenge myself to a personal 365-day challenge of being creative every day. I just wanted to see what a daily practice would bring. You can see the results of my year of creativity on Instagram, under @brightspotpapier and #pendycreatesfor365. And when the calendar rolled over to 2016, I just kept on going! My dream of opening an Etsy shop had organically come to fruition.

So there you have it, Tania and Bright Spot Papier & Art in a nutshell 😊

I picked my shop name when things were feeling pretty bleak health and work-wise. It raised my spirits and spurred me on. Now my goal at Bright Spot Papier & Art is to CREATE, INSPIRE, DELIGHT and UPLIFT!! I do this using beautiful words, colours, calligraphy, hand lettering, and illustration. And I've most recently added making books by hand to the mix of what I offer.

I do hope that my work inspires and uplifts you and that it will bring you or a friend a Bright Spot in the day :)

Many hugs,

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